Conclude an empirical study? - 2022 Guide



Empirical study. Woah!


That’s a tough one.


Ok, but before we get started on the conclusion and whatnot, you need to know what an empirical study really is.


This type of study is the one where we get the results from experience and testing. We don’t use theories here and we don’t make stuff up.


Simply put, in an empirical study, we need evaluation and testing to reach our results. So, this is usually the type of research everyone hates.



But not me. Nope. I rather like it, even if its conclusion can be a bit of a mess. So, unless you want to get in touch with an professional essay writers, I suggest you read what I have to offer. Because I can teach you how to conclude an empirical study.


Yes, you can learn it all here.


So, without further ado, let us begin. Here are your tips.


Tip #1: Summarize


We are not surprised here.


Every conclusion includes a summary where you talk about everything that you have already written. Almost every essay writer free online would agree that this is the norm. So is the case here but I would like to give you a few tips about it.


Make sure that you do not sound monotonous even if you have to repeat what you have already said. Use a few words and be creative.


Tip #2: The Gap in Research


Ok, so this is a part that MUST be discussed in a conclusion.


Your conclusion should highlight what YOU have done. Your contributions in the field. The best way to do this is to point out the gap in research.


That is something that others might have missed but you have managed to figure out. This shows that you have done some work in your field of study.


It shows that you have truly made a difference with your research. You can also ask to 'help write my essay'.


Tip #3: Talk About Purpose


Yes, what is the purpose of your study?


And if others have already conducted study on the matter then why are you even bothering with it at all? These questions may sound terrible but they are the ones that you need to answer.


So, in your conclusion, make sure to discuss the purpose of your research. Yes, you have made a contribution, but why?


Tip #4: Discuss the Research Question


Since this is the topic around which all of your paper will be written, it is best if you discuss your research question a bit in the beginning.


Discussing this in the beginning is the best option as it will establish the main topic and also because you will not have much space to discuss it later on. So, in the beginning of conclusion, you can talk about your question.


Tip #5: Be Brief on Methods


You do need to mention the methods that you have used to reach your conclusion but do so in as little space as possible.


Trust me, if someone wants to read about your methods then they will simply go to the Methods section.


So, just briefly mention what method you have used to gather data and how you have analyzed the given data.


The majority of your conclusion should focus on the results, not methods.


Tip #6: Do Mention the Hypothesis


I have seen many of conclusions where the research question is mentioned but the hypothesis is not.


This is a BIG mistake and it can cost your empirical study.


You see, your hypothesis is just as important as your research question, if not more. So, mention your hypothesis after your research question to create connectivity and then move on to your results. No need to linger.


Tip #7: Use the Hourglass Structure


What is this hourglass structure?


Well, you start broad with the main issue and then you narrow your topic down. Then, when you have reached your main question and/or hypothesis, you branch out again.


Broad. Narrow, Broad.


 It works just like an hourglass. Most writers use this structure to write a satisfying conclusion to their otherwise boring papers. So, you should try it all well. You can also ask writers to 'write my essay'.


Might you do some good.


Tip #8: Remember the Numbers 


The numbers. Yeah!


An empirical study is quantitative research. This means that instead of just discussing theories, you conduct an actual study. This results in data in the form of numbers. 


And in the form of results as well.


So, if you have space in your conclusion then you can discuss these numbers a little bit. Particularly, the results that you have gotten and how they prove your hypothesis is correct. This essay writing service is famous for its precise study.


Tip #9: Answer “So What?”


This is not a question that you need to answer directly. You can answer it in a general manner but it needs to be answered in the conclusion.


Like, you have conducted this research but why so? How does it help your audience? Why should they care?


You have two options here. You can either directly answer this question or the things that you say in your conclusion need to point towards it.


That’s how you write a smashing conclusion.


So, this is how you will succeed at the conclusion. But, if you still think you can’t then contact dissertation writers so that you can be sure of what you have to write. Completely and totally sure with no doubts.


These online websites can help you polish your skills as a writer.


You need not worry about your introduction or conclusion anymore.


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